Me ( Andy ) and Mike met in some mountains. I was making ski films and Mike was a pro skier. After ski films, I went back to some press work, worked for charities in immediate disaster environments and then photographed weddings for about 7 years. I still photograph weddings in Devon and Cornwall with my other company Harrera Images. After skiing Mike has been editing, making films and traveling the world building a creative life in the north of Cornwall. Me and Mike stayed in touch often travelled together and loved the idea of working together again in a really creative collaboration using films to tell stories like we used to :) So here is, a bit more about us .........

Mike Wakefield

Hi my name is Mike, I'm from small mining town in West Yorkshire where I grew up with my mum, dad & older brother. Against all odds my first career was as a professional skier.  

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed being creative. I started making films to document the adventurous life I had while competing and training with friends all over the world year round. 

Through natural progression I developed a style which captured the fun we had and brought our memories flooding back. Over time I advanced to using professional equipment and became more and more passionate about film making. 

Sh*t happens and I was forced into an early retirement through injury, so I swapped the snow for horizons more tropical for a little while. 

After skiing and beaches my fiancé & I struggled to settle in Yorkshire so we bought a little house in Cornwall overlooking the sea. I spent a year renovating every centimetre of the house and spent a lot more time with Andy as we now lived much closer. Although renovating our house fed my creative appetite, I really missed filming and editing. One thing led to another and Our Further Project was born. 

Andy Green

My dad told me once, do a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. He was a photographer on newspapers and my mum was a journalist. My brother lives in Denmark with his wife , little girl and baby boy,  he plays the saxophone(very well). We were both lucky to be taught this early on. 

Hi my name is Andy. I have always loved telling stories with my pictures and films . I started off working 16 years ago in press work – I was a photo journalist – I was 18. I was lucky to travel all over the world and the UK working on stories and meeting people that I still remember and think about to this day.

I have always been driven by the story of people and the capture of moments that go beyond the obvious. My camera has always been my passport to me being involved in peoples lives I don’t know and places I have never been. I love journeys, to live creatively,  bear witness to life in places and moments with people that will ultimately define who they are, who they are going to be on the most important of days.

Today I photograph and film weddings and I live in Devon with my beautiful and amazing girlfriend Charley. I still get to travel loads and still tell stories of people I don’t know and places I have never been before which I am very thankful for. It is an amazing opportunity to spend time, sometimes one day, sometimes more, with people on their most important of all days. To be able to create something really different for them, something they really love and treasure. 

I know what I do is not for everyone but its amazing if we find each other for a very short but important time and I am allowed to tell the story creatively and the way I see it. 

I would love you to get in contact to chat and hear your ideas and make something amazing for you x