wedding video at Burgh Island

Burgh Island for me is one of my favourite wedding venues in the South West. Not just for the location and the light...but for the people that it attracts. Couples who crave a romantic isolation from the rest of the world for a really special day. The light is great, there is space, there is big skies and dark corners. There is an intimateness in the evening and a freedom to do what we like. I love the jaggedness and openness of the environment literally surrounding us and then to be close and warm with everyone special in the evenings for dancing and a party it has to be one of the best venues for atmosphere and visually I have been too. 

It was so great being involved in this wedding with Steve and Louise. I was shooting the wedding for them doing stills and we made this short film. Like all our wedding couples Steve and Louise wanted a short film not the whole day but a snapshot of their wedding in a film. We went out a couple of weeks before their wedding to hang out for a day, have an explore around Devon and do a bit of filming and shoot some pictures.

SO nice to be able to take our time and get to know each other and have a wander around. We went to some cool places, had a fire on the beach and had some tea. On the day of their wedding I mainly concentrated on their stills but managed to shoot some video too to splice into the footage from before their day and really pleased it turned out so great. 

Thanks so much to Burgh Island as ever for having us and to Steve and Louise for letting us be involved as well :) Was such a great day and was so cool to be involved , so relaxed gradually getting to know each other and catching those little bits of them. I think with all films and pictures the value grows with life. The value of having these little snippets of life will be so cool when looking back for them but also for me. That time back in that September when we all got to hang out on that island for such a wonderful day :)