welcome to our creative space

Hello ! Thanks for looking at this. Welcome :) This is the first blog of a new year, of a new company and of a new idea - its called “Our Further Project”

SO......what's going to be happening here ?!?!?!

What we wanted to do (by the way there is two, sometimes three of us) was tell stories. I have been shooting still pictures at weddings for several years and love it but have always craved the idea of being more concise with the story that is being told as opposed to sending over 600+ pictures for folks to do with them what they like. What we didn’t want to do was make long films that may be associated with weddings but short films. Short films stuffed with moments and energy and art and light and single seconds of moving love and looks with eyes open. To make films of romance and laughter that would be handed down to generations that aren't here yet. To make films where the day is captured. The best and most moving six minutes stitched together enough so as to remember the whole day. To add to the story sounds and music, layers of narrative that you and your closest understand and resonate with and will forever. Memories that cant be told in photographs alone. 

There is the famous saying “ A picture tells a thousand words “ This is of course true but sometimes 2 seconds of moving footage tells the story that a thousand pictures and a book of words cannot tell. The movement of how people look at each other, the movement of how a baby walks, moments that by the time the film is edited have already gone but captured forever. Single seconds of movement and touch and looks and tiny gestures of love that happen and we can record. The best moments , the slight moments , a touch of the hand and then a tiny squeeze. Eyes that flicker in love for each other, moments that cant be captured with a single frame. 

We hope the value perhaps of films like ours is not the first time you watch them but years down the line. The film that is only watched once a year but for those six minutes to be transported back and see the movement and reality of a wonderful time.

Welcome to Our Further Project. Welcome to our idea. Lets have some ideas together, be a team and tell your stories. :)