the weddings we want to do

One of the luxuries in life is time. When we set this project up one of the best things we gave ourself was time. Time to realise what we wanted to do, what we could do and what we didn't want to do. 

What we want to do...

  • make short emotive films that would be handed down to generations to come. 
  • work in digital & alternative film stocks- (we do) super 8mm and 16mm ( bolex ) 
  • treat each wedding as a project in itself and work with the couple to do something unique every time. 
  • only work with people we want to work with. 
  • work with alternative ideas and alternative weddings.
  • get scared at every wedding because making films is not easy.
  • not get pre conceived and open our eyes to the stories.
  • go the extra mile, if we commit to a wedding we commit to a wedding. ( weddings don't happen in 8 hours ) 

What we don't want to do...

  • panic book loads of weddings in.
  • work within a formula. 
  • do commercial work we don't wanna do.

It's an interesting idea and an amazing opportunity to set up a new wedding video company or a new idea without having to book stuff straight away. One way would be to get clients, shoot anything, book more weddings of the same style then try to work to what we want to shoot gradually. We have chosen to build slowly, learn and are still learning slowly, moulding, trimming, architecting our ideas and producing what we want to make. Its so lovely to have the luxury of time. To think to do and then to re do. It feels at the moment we are moving slowly. Gaining bits of feedback gradually, changing, talking thoughts and ideas though and making little changes over time. It's lovely to have the luxury of time. 

Bit by bit hopefully this blog will be used to map out our ideas, to get them conceived in a place out of our minds and in a space. Over the next weeks, days, months we will be sharing ideas, things that interesting for us and things we have done. 

I am fairly convinced that no one will be reading these words yet. If you are though I thank you. You are helping us by bearing witness to the growth of our little idea’s shed. Hopefully if you are reading and watching and you stay reading and watching we are resonating with you and that is cool :) thank you x AG