We're a small creative bunch of artistic wedding videographers covering Cornwall, Devon and beyond using vintage and modern cinematic filming.



Our Further Project is a wedding video production company that tells the stories of couples most important days. Using authentic 70’s vintage super 8 film and digital we make films of weddings, films of love and romance.

This is not only our project but your project. A project together, a project where we make a team to tell the stories of your wedding day. Below are a selection of weddings filmed in Cornwall, Devon and a few other places.


We love making films of alternative weddings, alternative attitudes and ideas. Alternative places and ambitions and values. Alternative ideas of how weddings can be and how those stories could be told. 


Find out about Our Further Project, who we are, how we got into wedding videography and why we love filming wedding videos in Cornwall and Devon.

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We know what we do is not for everyone but its amazing if we find each other for a very short but important time and we are allowed to tell your story creatively for you to keep and pass on for generations to come. 


Ready to take the next step? We'd love open a conversation with you about what we can do for you, how best to tell your story, share some of your ideas or hear some of ours...

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